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Cove delivers patented vibrations to the skin, activating a brain pathway that helps you sleep better and overcome stress, effortlessly.

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90% of Cove users experience better sleep and reduced stress after one month of daily use. These benefits have been validated by 4+ years of rigorous research, including independent studies at Brown University and the work of a leading researcher from Harvard Medical School.

Clinical studies also show that Cove is safe and causes no side effects. Learn more about the science behind our technology.

Sleep better, feel better.

The benefits of sleep are clear: a good night's rest can improve health, lower stress, and enhance mental clarity. Yet, actually getting the recommended amount of sleep is often a struggle. Cove can help. By activating a critical brain pathway, Cove's patented vibrations improve sleep quantity and quality. In trials, people who used Cove for one month extended their sleep time by an average of 65 minutes and experienced a 50% improvement in sleep quality. Cove can be worn before bed or at any time during the day, leaving your head device-free at night.

Train your brain to conquer stress

Cove's patented vibrations tap into a neural pathway involved in the brain’s stress response. By enhancing activity in this pathway, Cove promotes relaxation and trains your brain to better handle stress in the future. Like any skill, this resilience builds over time. Research shows that using Cove daily for one month can reduce stress levels by 41%.

Gentle and safe

Cove’s gentle vibrations improve sleep and reduce stress by tapping into natural relaxation systems in the brain.

As such, Cove does not transmit drugs, electricity, or magnetic waves through your skin. Multiple independent studies with thousands of participants confirm that Cove has no harmful side effects.

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  • Some Cove users report feeling very relaxed and experience a great night's sleep after their first use. For most, the full benefits will be reached within a few days of consistent use. Our studies have shown the calming benefits last for a few hours while the resilience to stress keeps improving with consistent daily use.

  • In trial studies, 90% of subjects reported reduced stress and improved sleep after using Cove. Extensive EEG and MRI studies performed by Feelmore Labs and validated by world-class neuroscientists have clearly demonstrated that Cove has the ability to modulate a deep part of the brain controlling emotional response, the insula. This leads to a greater sense of calm and well-being, and less stress and anxiety, which in turn leads to better sleep.

  • Cove is the creation of Feelmore Labs, a health and wellness technology company. Cove is the result of a unique collaboration between world-class neuroscientists, engineers and top global consumer and luxury goods executives. Together, they spent more than four years developing a scientifically-proven, safe and non-invasive wearable device that is both beautiful and effective. Every detail of the Cove experience was crafted to help you live better.

  • The Cove device is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

  • Cove has been safely tested on over 3,500 individuals. It is non-invasive and has no harmful side effects. With Cove, no drugs, electricity or magnetic waves are transmitted to the body. Cove vibrates only on the surface of the skin, allowing your brain and body to do the rest of the work, naturally.

  • No, Cove was not designed to be worn while sleeping. It will greatly help with sleep as its effects last for hours after a session and build up over time.

  • Cove is now available for purchase online only at

  • The Cove device is a wellness device and does not require FDA clearance. Safety and efficacy for stress relief and sleep improvement have been determined through our studies under strict scientific supervision.

  • Cove activates the part of your brain that regulates anxiety. It uses specific gentle vibrations to trigger your body’s response to “affective touch,” one of the many sensations your skin can naturally identify. Through certain nerve fibers, your skin then sends signals to the insular cortex, a part of your brain that processes emotion. Your brain responds by making you feel a deep sense of calm, leading to reduced stress and better sleep. Cove is safe, effortless and non-invasive. 

  • Cove does not directly interact with heart rate and related metrics, such as heart rate variability (HRV). By delivering gentle vibrations to the skin, our patented technology activates the brain’s interoceptive pathway, which, when functioning optimally, promotes feelings of calm and wellbeing. As such, the best way to quantify the benefits of Cove is through the use of brain imaging technologies, such as EEG and fMRI. In studies using these tools, our researchers found that Cove users experience heightened activity in the interoceptive pathway–a response consistent with enhanced relaxation.

  • In designing Cove, we did not target particular sleep phases, but instead sought to improve overall sleep quality. Cove achieves this by activating a brain system known as the interoceptive pathway, which monitors the body’s internal state and is deeply entangled with sleep. Use of Cove before bedtime enhances interoception and, in doing so, enhances sleep. .

    Rather than rely solely on wearable trackers, our researchers evaluated sleep using a survey known as the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, or PSQI. A commonly used tool, the PQSI consists of 19 questions that evaluate diverse aspects of sleep. Results from these surveys revealed that 86% of Cove users experienced considerable improvements in sleep after using the device for 20 minutes per night, every night for a month. Additionally, 77% of users reported falling asleep faster and 68% reported a reduction in daytime drowsiness. Finally, we found that users’ nightly sleep time increased by an average 65 minutes.

    Users who monitor their sleep with fitness trackers should be skeptical of REM insights offered by these devices. Wearable trackers typically measure sleep by monitoring changes in blood flow, a process called photoplethysmography. Though this technique may be able to discern whether a person is asleep, it cannot distinguish between different sleep stages. Currently, REM data can be acquired only through polysomnography, a more sophisticated type of sleep study.

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