Cove community spotlight: Chelsey Wilkens

Chesley Wilkens working out with Cove

Though diverse, the growing community of Cove users is united by their commitment to mental and physical wellness. In today’s community spotlight, we’ll introduce you to Chesley Wilkens, a NY-based nutrition expert and personal trainer at Soho Strength Lab. Through a range of practices–from yoga to nutritional biochemistry–Chelsey helps clients achieve the balance they need for a happy, healthy life. A daily Cove user, she says that the device has improved her sleep and helps her de-stress, without taking any time out of her day.

We recently caught up with Chelsey and asked her about everything from matcha to meditation. Check out her answers below.

What inspired you to get into personal training?

I grew up competing in and coaching gymnastics, so I’ve always  loved teaching people how to connect with themselves on a deep level, both physically and emotionally. As a personal trainer, I get to do this every day. I often see clients three times a week, which is more often than most people see their friends! It’s a special opportunity to positively influence people

Tell us about your morning routine. What are some simple habits that set you up for a calm, focused day?

1. A leisurely pace. I am an absolute morning person, so I love to give myself a little more time to enjoy my morning and not have to rush straight off to work (even when I work early morning!).

Morning in the bedroom

2. Morning tonic. Lime and salt water! It’s the first thing I consume every morning. This tonic helps flush your liver and supports adrenal function and cortisol control.

3. Pup & a Cup. I got a puppy during the pandemic, so my boyfriend and I take our dog Moxi for a walk through the neighborhood as we go for a coffee.
.Cup of coffee

4. Cook Something Up. Cooking for me is a moving meditation and what you eat first thing sets you up for stability the rest of the day!

5. Morning Cove. I love to use my Cove while I eat breakfast every morning. And since I never skip breakfast, that means that I never skip Cove! Adding a session onto something that I always make time for ensures that it stays an important part of my routine.

Chelsey wearing Cove and making pancakes

Coffee or matcha?

Both! I love a cappuccino first and a matcha a little later in the day.

How has stress affected you in the past?

At times, stress has felt paralyzing, but I’ve learned to manage it. Exercise often reduces my stress and, in the past, I’ve also turned to meditation to cope. Now, I have Cove, which gives me a way to manage stress without taking time from my already-busy schedule.

Beach or pool? 

Beach! For me, there is nothing better than a morning ocean swim!

Woman on the Beach

How does sleep affect your overall wellness?

If I don’t sleep properly, it affects how I deal with stress, my mood stability, and the types of food I crave. In addition to helping me recover, sleep is a chance for me to spend time with my partner. So I definitely try to prioritize my sleep schedule!

What’s your favorite way to Cove?

I always Cove while I eat breakfast and in the evenings while I’m cooking dinner.

TV or book before bed? 

I love to read. It settles my mind and helps bring attention to where my intentions lie.

Cove and a book

What mantra do you live by?

I love the quote from The Poisonwood Bible.

“I’ll live or die on the strength of your judgement, but first let me say who I am.”

For me, this has served as a reminder to prioritize living as my authentic self. The quote also speaks to the importance of acknowledging that, though we’re affected by our environment, there is an untouchable thing that makes you who you are.