How to incorporate mental wellbeing into your 2022 resolutions

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According to Discover Happy Habits, approximately half of the New Year’s resolutions made each year are health-related. Resolutions to exercise more, lose weight, eat healthier, quit smoking, drink less alcohol, and more flood our goal lists each January, each of us making it a high priority to create a healthier lifestyle than we lived the year before. A 2017 study at Stockholm University revealed that more than 70% of the participants set New Year’s resolutions in the category of “physical health,” such as exercising more, losing weight, and eating healthier, followed by a less-than-inspiring 5% who reported their resolutions can be considered “mindful New Year’s resolutions,” and fall into the “psychological health” category.

At Cove, we have to wonder why these statistics show that we appear to value our physical health so much more than our mental health. Mental health seems to be put on the back-burner when it comes to creating resolutions each year, and moving into 2022, we’re ready to change that.

Mindful New Year’s resolutions mean resolutions that take into account your mental wellbeing and the goals you commit to that can improve the way you experience life. When we take the initiative to create mindful New Year’s resolutions, we’re inviting ourselves into a way of life that holds less stress, increases gratitude and calm, and allows us to become aware of the people and things that add pleasure to our lives.

Developing mindful New Year’s resolutions and creating goals in line with your wellbeing doesn’t have to take an overwhelming amount of effort. Here are a few mindful New Year resolution ideas to get you started thinking about what may serve you well in 2022:

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The American Psychological Association reminds us that, ‘Sleep is so crucial that even slight sleep deprivation or poor sleep can affect memory, judgment, and mood.’ 

Sleep is truly a mindful practice that has a large impact on our mental state and how we go through our day, treat others, and perceive events that occur. If there’s one area our population could truly benefit from addressing with our New Year’s resolutions, sleep would be it. 

A foundational component to wellness, quality sleep equates to a high quality of life, as it balances hormones, reduces stress, aligns your circadian rhythm, and so much more.

When you wear Cove, you activate the brain’s natural relaxation pathways, leading to an increase in alpha waves. These alpha waves often indicate relaxation. Statistics show that wearing Cove offers up to a 50% increase in sleep quality, bringing you more restful, relaxing sleep.

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Stress can destroy sound mental health in a short period of time, just ask any first-time parent or overworked executive. Stress not only negatively impacts functions such as our immune system and sleep hygiene, but it also erodes our everyday thoughts and can put a negative tape of self-talk on repeat throughout our day. Taking care to control and reduce stress is an active, efficient way to manage your mental health in one of the most impactful ways possible.

In several clinical studies with 3,500 total participants, 41% reported a decrease in stress while using Cove. Wearing Cove increases both relaxation and resilience to future stress, training your brain to respond differently to stress in the future while decreasing the stress of the present. Using Cove, 92% of highly stressed individuals reported a decrease in stress symptoms, such as interrupted sleep, increased or decreased appetite, tension, and irritability.

When setting mindful New Year’s resolutions, the most important part is that the goals you set benefit your life. What type of shifts would truly benefit your mental health and how you can go about making those changes? Some may be subtle, such as focusing on your sleep hygiene or incorporating Cove into your evenings for stress reduction. Some may be larger changes, such as shifting your living environment or setting boundaries with loved ones. Protecting your mental health with mindful New Year’s resolutions will impact the way you live out the entire year, keeping you more centered, grounded, and able to handle what comes your way.

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