Cove helps users fall asleep faster and sleep deeper

Man Sleeping with Cove on Nightstand

When you start sleeping well, it can feel like you’re developing superpowers. Your memory and focus improve, your energy soars, and your mood perks up. Unfortunately, many of us struggle to get the 7 to 9 hours needed to unlock these powers. 

Cove, a new wearable from Feelmore Labs, helps users sleep better so that they can achieve their full potential. The device works by delivering subtle vibrations to the skin behind the ears and, in doing so, activating a brain pathway that is integral to healthy sleep and general wellbeing. Scientists at Feelmore Labs validated these benefits through a series of rigorous trials, including a study showing that daily use of Cove significantly improves sleep quantity and quality.

Cove on nightstand

Assessing sleep

For the study, researchers recruited 25 volunteers with a history of sleep problems. The group was instructed to use Cove every night for one month, always within an hour of their normal bedtime. They also wore fitness trackers, which measured their total nightly sleep. 

To complement tracker data, volunteers completed a sleep survey at the beginning and end of the study. Known as the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, the survey asks questions about diverse aspects of sleep, ranging from nighttime sleep disturbances to daytime drowsiness.

Average sleep time before and after 30 days of using the device

Sleep well, live well

After their month with Cove, the volunteers were sleeping much better. Data from the fitness trackers showed that their sleep time increased by an average of 65 minutes. Survey results confirmed this improvement, revealing a 43% improvement in the group’s overall sleep quality. Plus, 77% of volunteers reported falling asleep faster and 68% experienced less drowsiness during the day. 

These results offer strong evidence that Cove helps users fall asleep and stay asleep. By increasing nightly sleep time, Cove may also improve users’ focus, energy, and mood–helping them become the most super versions of themselves.


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