For first responders, Cove is a life-saver

If you’re stressed out and sleepy, you’re probably not bringing your A-game at work. At best, you’ll be inefficient and distracted; and at worst, you’ll make a mistake on the job. For some of us, workplace errors might constitute nothing more than a series of typos. For others, however, the stakes are a bit higher. After all, you wouldn’t want a stressed-out surgeon operating on your heart or a tired pilot flying your plane. 

Since Cove has been scientifically validated to improve sleep and reduce stress, researchers hypothesized that the device may be particularly beneficial to people who hold high-intensity, high stakes jobs. To test this hypothesis, they studied how the device affects sleep and stress among first responders–professionals who often work long hours under tense conditions.


EMS taking care of patient

Cove to the rescue

For the study, researchers from Feelmore Labs, the makers of Cove, invited 32 first responders to try the device. The group, which included 11 law enforcement officials and 21 firefighters, used Cove twice daily for one month. At the beginning and end of the study, participants rated their stress and sleep quality on a scale of 1 to 10. 

At the end of the month, the group reported an average 23% drop in stress and 61% improvement in sleep quality. They also reported less difficulty falling asleep and feeling more relaxed. Perhaps unsurprisingly then, the vast majority (93%) opted to keep their Cove after the study was over.

First Responders Sleep Chart

Hear from the heroes

“I felt noticeably calmer on days when I consistently used the device.”

– Jason H, EMT

“I do believe that I consistently slept longer and more restfully the past month – on average about 8 hours a night, which made me feel pretty awesome.”

– Mikael D, Police Officer

“My sleep has definitely improved. I fall asleep more easily and stay asleep more consistently, both of which were issues previously. My capacity for stress has increased.”

– Eduardo L, Police Officer

Improved mental wellness, improved performance

These results show that regular Cove sessions can lead to major improvements in mental wellness among first responders. By improving sleep and reducing stress, Cove may also improve job performance-a change that has life-saving implications for professionals who work in high-stakes jobs.



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