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MAn reading while wearing Cove

To think your best, you need to feel your best. When you’re tired, anxious, stressed, or sad, it’s difficult to focus or solve complex problems. Concentration-crushing distractions can arise not only from what’s happening in your head, but also what’s happening in your body. Changes in heart rate or hunger, for instance, can affect your ability to learn and remember. In fact, your awareness of sensations in your body–a sense called interoception–influences both how you feel and how you think. 

Cove has been scientifically validated to help users stress less, sleep better, and feel better by improving their sense of interoception. Building on these findings, scientists hypothesized that the device may also improve cognition. 

Users think faster, concentrate harder

To test this hypothesis, researchers from Feelmore Labs, the makers of Cove, invited volunteers to try out the device. The group was instructed to use Cove twice daily for one month. At the beginning and end of this period, they completed surveys and virtual tasks that measured different aspects of cognition. 

Following their month with Cove, participants performed better on the tasks, indicating improvements in learning, attention, and memory. For instance, on one task, which challenges subjects to identify specific numbers sequences on a screen, participants improved both their ability to detect their targets and their response time. In another task, the group demonstrated a 39% improvement in visual memory.


Cognition Study Fig 1

Performance on number sequence task before and after one month using Cove. Graphs show improvement in (a) response time; (b) total missed target sequences.


The groups’ survey results were just as promising. They reveal that participants experienced a 39% increase in focus, a 16% increase in concentration, and a 7.5% increase in learning capacity. Encouragingly, their focus remained heightened 30 days after the study ended, indicating that Cove offers users long-term benefits.


Cognition Study Fig 2


These results show that daily Cove users experience significant improvements in cognition, including better focus, improved concentration, and enhanced memory. As such, the device may benefit anyone hoping to boost their performance on mental tasks.



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