Cove Community Spotlight: Kevin Love

Kevin Love Wears Cove, A Wearable Tech Device for Better Sleep

The Cove community includes all kinds of people. Proven to enhance sleep and boost mental resilience, the technology has improved the lives of teachers, doctors, students, dads, moms—and even professional athletes. In today’s community spotlight, we meet Kevin Love, an All-Star basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. 

In addition to being at the top of his sport, Love is an outspoken advocate for the importance of addressing mental health challenges. To manage these challenges in his own life, he has added Cove to his daily wellness routine. For the past year, Love has been a regular user of the technology and, as a result, has experienced notable improvements in his wellbeing. 

In a recent chat, Love told us more about why he Coves and the benefits he gets out of using the device.


Why Kevin Coves

Sports aren’t just about physical strength. They rely on a mind unburdened by irrelevant distractions and stressors. Over the course of his successful career, Love has come to appreciate the importance of honing his mental game.

“As an athlete, my mental state has a direct effect on my physical performance. I am still expected to perform no matter what else may be going on in life,” he says.

As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety, Love now takes proactive steps to optimize his mental wellbeing. This includes using Cove regularly. Over the past year, Love has found that this daily habit helps him manage stress, so he can focus on his personal and professional goals.

 “I Cove so I can rebound from negative energy, not react to it,”

he says.

Portrait of professional basketball player Kevin Love using Cove

Removing the stigma and finding solutions

Love devotes time not just to his own mental health, but also to improving the mental health of others. A big part of this endeavor, he says, is removing the stigma that sometimes comes with speaking about your emotional struggles. Like Cove, Love is committed to helping people understand that these challenges are nothing to be ashamed of—and that it’s possible to improve your mental health and your life.

“Every mental health journey is personal,” says Love, “but you don’t have to struggle alone when there are solutions available to better regulate our often negative emotional responses to stressors.”

Like other Cove users, Love has found that the device improves his sleep, reduces his stress, and enhances his mental performance. Though most of us will never experience the pressure of playing in a professional basketball game, we all stand to benefit from a solution that helps us cope with daily stressors. For Love and thousands of other users, Cove is that solution.

A percentage of proceeds from Cove benefit the Kevin Love Fund (KLF), a foundation devoted to breaking the stigma around mental health and ensuring people who are suffering have the support needed to thrive.