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Wearing This Vibrating Headset Actually Works to Release Stress

"Like a loved one’s comforting touch, the sensation has a calming effect."

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Cove Wins 2020 Well Tech Award

"Unlike meditation headbands that guide you into the Zen zone, Cove takes the direct route to send the message to de-stress."

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Can This New Wearable Reduce Stress By Vibration? Our Honest Review

"As someone with moderate anxiety and poor sleep quality, I found improvements in both areas."

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The Gamer

Cove Review: At Ease, Even While Playing Rocket League

"You can’t afford to put a price on your mental health and sleep quality – things that the Cove helps improve within its first couple of uses."

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Gadget Flow

COVE wearable device for sleep improves your sleep quality and reduces your stress levels

"As a result, you’ll feel more optimistic, relaxed, and rejuvenated."

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Use These Apps and Gadgets to Get Better Sleep

"Technology doesn't have to be the thing that keeps you awake—the right tech can actually help you sleep better."

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Trend Hunter

Cove Use Gentle Vibrations to Calm the Nervous System and Reduce Stress

"Cove is designed for comfort and convenience."

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People Who Use Sleep Apps Are ‘50% More Likely To Have A Better Night’s Sleep

In a recent poll run by a luxury mattress company, 1,000 people were polled on their sleep habits and Cove was among the most popular sleep technologies. 

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