Extensive research, impressive results

Over 4 years of clinical studies and ongoing research have proven that Cove is safe and effective.

Cove has been validated by thorough research, including independent studies at Brown University and the work of a leading clinical researcher from Harvard Medical School. The results speak for themselves. The device has shown both immediate and lasting benefits in stress reduction and sleep quality, through qualitative feedback and brain imaging

laptop computer showing brain scans

3500 total participants

Participants took part in several clinical studies, including exploratory research. Their stress, anxiety, and sleep quality were analyzed while using Cove for both single sessions and over 30 day periods.

90% of participants stressed less and slept better

stress levels
sleep quality

Immediate and lasting stress reduction

Various clinical studies proved that Cove effectively reduces stress. A significant majority of participants experienced less stress after wearing the device, with many still feeling the effects months later.

of highly stressed individuals reported a decrease in stress symptoms
of participants would use the device again to regulate their stress
average decrease in participant stress after using Cove
of participants still felt positive effects of Cove 6 months after the study
View our Stress Research Study Summary

Significant sleep benefits

Sleep studies conducted over 30 days reveal that consistent daily use of Cove led to improved sleep quantity and quality, as well as falling asleep faster.

participants reported improved sleep quality
reduction in insomnia reported by participants
participants reported falling asleep faster
participants reported increased sleep hours
View our Sleep Research Study Summary

EEG imaging proves that Cove is effective

We conducted 650 EEGs, which revealed that a single 20-minute session wearing Cove increased alpha waves, the type of brain waves that indicate a relaxed and calm state of mind.

MRI imaging validates EEG studies

Our MRI imaging showed increased activity in the insular cortex, the part of the brain that processes emotion and regulates anxiety, and also revealed a strengthening of other related brain networks.

A single session using Cove is comparable to the benefits of meditation.
Woman silhouette meditating

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