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One 20 minute Cove session each day reduces stress and improves mental performance.
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Wear Cove for 20 minutes, twice daily

Cove can be worn while you do other things (work, play, relax), so it doesn’t take any time out of your day.


Experience peace of mind

During each session, Cove’s patented vibrations activate a brain pathway that helps you feel calm and emotionally balanced.


Unlock your potential

Within two weeks, you will begin to experience benefits, including better sleep, less stress, and improved mental performance. By helping you feel your best, Cove gives you the energy and focus you need to succeed.

Validated by science

Cove has been validated by rigorous research at Brown University and by a leading researcher at Harvard Medical School. In clinical trials with a total of 3500+ participants, users reported the following benefits:

41% less stress

Read our stress study.

50% better sleep

Read our sleep study.

39% improvement in focus and memory

Read our cognition study.
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“I Cove so I Can make my mind work for me, not against me”

Kevin Love

NBA Player, Cove user and ambassador

Kevin shares his Cove experience
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Cove in use
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Track your wellness journey with the Cove app

Use the app to:

  • Set session reminders

  • Track changes in your sleep and stress levels

  • Access heart rate and accelerometer data

  • Explore an in-depth user guide

  • Review trends and session history

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Kevin Love

When basketball superstar Kevin Love publicly discussed his challenges with mental health in 2018, he had no idea of the movement it would create. Since then, he has become an advocate for promoting frank conversations about mental wellness in the world of professional sports and beyond.

As such, Love is the perfect ambassador for Cove. Since Spring 2021, he has been a regular user of our technology, which, he says, has helped him build resilience to stress on and off the court.

*A percentage of proceeds from Cove will benefit the Kevin Love Fund (KLF) to inspire people to live their healthiest lives while providing tools for both mental and physical health.

Kevin LoveKevin Love

Level up your mental wellness without taking time out of your day

Cove was designed to fit seamlessly into any schedule. Wear it while you go about your daily routine and experience effortless relaxation.

Available worry-free for 30 days.

All Cove purchases include free returns during your 30 day trial period.

Have questions? Our Customer Care team is available to help. Email them any time at [email protected] or use the link below to schedule a quick call. You can also checkout our FAQ page for additional support.

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